Nokia Vision Demo


Design lead, Interaction designer

Project Objective

The goal of this project was to create a new vision for Nokia’s consumer eCommerce website. We wanted to highlight the functionality of IBM’s WebSphere Commerce and show our ability to provide thought leadership to drive the redesign of the consumer web site.

Design Solution

Working with a WebSphere Commerce consultant, I updated the Nokia website look and feel and created a vision of the next generation eCommerce transaction for Nokia. As part of the design, we were asked not to use the Nokia logo, and replaced it with the Essin (Finnish for future) wordmark.

We started with the current Nokia website and imagery, and optimized it for a 1024 x 768 screen size. I softened the existing site, adding rounded corners, light grey separator lines and drop shadows, to modernize the look and feel. We used some of the existing Nokia Imagery but repurposed it to create splash graphics, and mini-ads to promote some of their feature products and services. The key element of this project was taking the existing transaction flow and rethinking it to drive additional streams of revenue.

In Europe most mobile phones are not subsidized by carriers, so we conceived of a model that would allow Nokia act as a broker for multiple service providers and sell their hardware, allowing users who want to purchase Nokia hardware to find carriers that support their phone choice.

The key component of the transaction redesign was to the phone customization application that allowed users to purchase hardware accessories such as faceplates, headsets and cases, and also include software such as ringtones, themes games, as well as mobile services such as a media store and integrated GPS maps. We also envisioned Nokia being able to include software services and bundles, through their OVI system, as part of the initial transaction.

While the site design was not updated, the concept we delivered showed that we understand their business and has helped build the relationship between the IBM consultants and the Nokia eCommerce team who continue to work together on streamlining and improving Nokia’s online transaction system.


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