FlyEIA Website


UX Designer, Art Director,

Project Objective

The goal of this project was to design a user centred, mobile friendly site on the Drupal platform for the Edmonton International Airport

Design Solution

I was the UX lead for this project and was involved in running discovery workshop sessions to identify and understand their biggest challenges. This allowed us to collaboratively determine the focus of the site redesign, understand their business goals and client needs and identify which changes would have the biggest impact for their customers. We focused our design efforts on improving the core user tasks, accessing arrival and departure times, getting to and from the airport and finding key services available at the airport.

Our design focused heavily on improving the arrival and departures information, which made up the bulk of their visits. We also developed a simplified search tool to highlight the shopping, dining and services available at the airport, a key for travellers and a major revenue source for the business. As part of the redesign we created a more flexible advertising framework, which allowed EIA to drive revenue through their web channel. We ensured that the CMS structure was flexible enough to allow them to add content to promote and develop other key aspects of their business, including the air cargo business and ongoing land development opportunities around the airport.


We were able to create a more user focused site that allowed users to more easily find the information they need across device types. We were able to increase EIA’s ability to drive revenue through their web channel. We were able to create a web site that was quicker and easier to maintain ensuring long term success for the internal team.

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