ODS Digital Strategy


UX Designer, Digital Strategist, Visual Designer

Key Audience

ODS Health Executives and Board, ODS Health Group Customers

Design Solution

The design of the future state started by running a set of strategy workshops to better understand where ODS saw themselves in five years, and using this future vision as a baseline to develop the prototype. There were four key elements we wanted to demonstrate with the prototype:

  • streamline online enrollment and quote generation while up-selling where possible
  • create a seamless, customer-centric approach to digital communications
  • highlight integration with external data sources and applications (EHR, Pharmacy, Health & Wellness) and mobile devices
  • leverage analytics to help group insurance clients

The goal of the prototype was to show how ODS could improve the user experience of its member level and group level clients to better position itself in light of health care reform. We used a story based design approach to show how the different ODS stakeholders (members, providers, group administrators and pharmacy) would benefit from our new approach.

At the member level we designed a new enrollment process, including analytics to help identify up-sell opportunities, a customer centered site that focused on aggregating and tracking personal health information as well as policy information. We also redesigned their member site to be more member and health focused, expanding on their existing, policy focused, tools.

I also designed a mobile app to highlight how a more open architecture could be re-purposed to add value to the customers, and would allow them to interact with ODS using the tools they are already comfortable with. This was especially important given their strategic goal of transforming into a health company rather than just an insurance provider.

We designed an integrated iPad app for providers that showed how ODS could integrate their data with external applications to add value to providers by simplifying the claim and approval process, and reducing administrative overhead.

The key element for group customers was improving the analytics aspect to ODS site. We showed how group customers would be able to get a better broad understanding of their health care costs and drill into data to get more granular details. We also showed how to leverage ODS’s broader customer information to give comparative results and highlight the ROI on specific programs and initiatives. This helps ODS take more of a consultant role and to improve group customer’s coverage while reducing their costs.

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