BC Transit Redesign


UX designer, Product owner, Project lead


Project Objective

We worked with BC Transit to transform their web presence into a customer focused, mobile-first website that helps people find the information they need to move around the province of British Columbia.

Design Solution

During our discovery phase we quickly learned how large and complex this organization is. BC Transit oversees and manages the public bus systems for the province of BC (excluding the GVRD). They are responsible for 51 public transit system serving over 80 communities. These range in size and complexity from large cities like Victoria and Kelowna to small communities such as Bella Coola and 100 Mile House.

We had to design a system that was flexible enough to handle the differences in size and complexity of the transit systems and be able to consume and display schedule information from a variety of sources (GTFS, XML, XLS). We needed to ensure that our CMS could easily manage content for 51 transit systems, which included global content and specific regional changes, without requiring 51 sets of duplicate content to be maintained.


We were able to create a sector leading, mobile first website that allows users to simply and easily access schedule date and plan trips. We have created a system that allows us to give users the best experience based on their systems data, ranging from real-time trip planning and predictive bus locating to static, timing point based schedules.

In addition we have created a system that is easy for content authors to manage and maintain, and provides a clear and simple upgrade path for regions to add features and functionality by upgrading their schedule data.

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