Hi, my name is Phil and I’m an Interactive Designer, Graphic Designer & UI Developer (but think designer who codes rather than coder who designs) living in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

I'm a design geek with a passion for creating interesting, fun, usable things, and at the same time solving real problems. You'll find some examples of my professional work, as well as some more experimental things I've been working on, sometimes more design-related and other times more code-based.

I'm really interested in looking at what can be done on the web using modern techniques & approaches. It's a great time to be designing for the web and I'm looking forward to seeing where things take us.




about  me  

Why Me?

  1. 1a strong combination of technical, design and people skills.
  2. 2a diverse background and breadth of work and life experience + the big picture view that comes along with it
  3. 3experience managing the design process, working closely with diverse clients and successfully executing large projects.


As a User Experience Designer, Visual designer and Application Consultant at IBM Interactive in Vancouver, I have experience working on all phases of design projects, and am able to work closely with clients to develop creative, user-focused solutions that meet their communications and business needs.

I have more than 10 years of experience in communications design, branding, and multimedia/web design, and have a strong combination of design skills and technical skills including HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery. I am well versed in modern web development approaches and techniques, including responsive design, design for mobile first and designing for the mobile web.

My experience includes projects in a wide range of industries such as: e-Commerce, learning, financial, not-for profit, government and includes everything from enterprise-level projects to small business and start ups. I have good leadership skills and am able to manage diverse teams, and work well in a collaborative team environment.

An exceptionally quick learner and excellent problem solver, I have excellent communications skills and have lived in Europe and Asia, speak and write German fluently. I think well on my feet and can combine my analytical and creative sides to develop effective design solutions. I am able to work on multiple projects with multiple deadlines and deliver projects on time, on budget and on target.


The design process is messy, and this is the best graphic I've found to illustrate this (via Design is most valuable when the messiness of the process im embraced and when involved early in a project, to help define the scope, focus on the user and provide a counterpoint to the other stakeholder groups.