Hi, my name is Phil, I’m a Creative Leader & UX/Product designer who loves to dig into messy, complex problems.

What I bring to the table

  • product strategy, UX design skills and a proven track record solving complex business problems
  • leadership experience managing multidisciplinary teams & defining design and develop processes
  • extensive experience collaborating with clients to define scope, manage stakeholder expectations and deliver successful large-scale digital projects
  • a big picture view that come from a wealth of experience, living on three contents, and being open to new ideas
  • a love of coffee in almost all forms


Me, in a nutshell

star wars shoes

I own 6 pairs of Star wars shoes

born in Hong Kong

I was born in
Hong Kong

manta ray

I have been scuba diving with Manta rays

from Vancouver to Halifax

I have driven across Canada, coast-to-coast

I solve complex UX problems

With more than 15 years of experience in design and technology, I am able to leverage my design skills and technology experience to identify, understand and solve complex problems. I thrive in a fast paced, collaborative environment, applying iterative design processes and leading projects from a design thinking point of view.

I have a deep understand of design driven technology projects and emphasize an agile approach, rapidly developing, testing and evaluating prototypes, figuring out what works and improving what doesn’t. I have led large-scale projects end-to-end, including research and discovery, prototyping and user testing all the way through design development and release.

I have experience leading complex projects with multiple stakeholders and diverse teams, while being a champion for good design practices, user-research and a user-centered approach. I have excellent communications skills and can clearly articulate and effectively communicate across an entire organization, and am able to bridge the gap between design, engineering and business.

I manage diverse teams

I have managed diverse cross-functional teams that have included designers, content strategists, and developers. In my time at Bazinga I have removed silos between the product and development teams, focusing on a collaborative approach that gives everyone more ownership over the process. I believe in creating safe, creative, and collaborative work environments and leading by example.

I have experience applying different methodologies to teams, including waterfall, agile scrum and lean/kanban and have helped define the design and development process at both Bazinga and Yellow Pencil.

I see the big picture

I am an exceptionally quick learner, excellent problem solver and have excellent communications and presentation skills. Having lived in Asia, Europe and North America I bring a globally inspired big picture view to the table and speak and write german fluently. I am an excellent problem solver, think well on my feet and can combine my analytical and creative sides to develop effective solutions that address real business and customer needs. 

What Makes me tick

I believe in collaboration, that working together is better than working alone. I believe in leading by doing, listening more than speaking and being open to new ideas and approaches. I love the intersection of design, technology and people and looking for new ways of solving complex problems.

Organizations I've worked with

City of Surrey
City of Edmonton


  • User experience and interaction design
  • Facilitating client workshops, stakeholder management, requirements gathering, research
  • Creative visioning and rapid prototyping
  • Team leadership and design process management


Art Direction, Communications, Corporate Branding, Creative Strategy, Design Thinking, eCommerce, Mobile UI Design, Mobile Web, Motion Graphics, Proposals, Rapid Prototyping, Research, Team Leadership, User Experience Design, Visioning